Hi! I’m Whitney.

I teach you how to develop, connect to, refine

and hone your Intuition, Mediumship and Spiritual

abilities so that you can clearly receive Intuitive

messages from your Spirit Guides to align with your

life purpose and live a more purpose-filled life.


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Messenger of Spirit, Whitney McNeill

Sedona Psychic Medium

Certified Psychic Medium / Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher / Reiki Master-Teacher in Sedona, AZ.

I help you develop your Intuition, Mediumship, and Spiritual abilities and connect to your Spirit Guides so that you can live a more purpose-filled life. It’s time to align more fully with your life purpose.

I love teaching others how to connect to their own Intuitive abilities so that they can clearly receive messages from their Spirit Guides. Here’s how you can work with me:

In readings, by connecting to the Energy around you, I can deliver messages about the past, present and future. I also have the ability to connect the living to Loved Ones in Spirit. Spirit is always connected to you, I just help you hear the messages they are giving you…I’m really just the Messenger.

You can schedule an appointment directly from my website. You may be taken to the wait-list page if availability is filled up. Please email us with your questions directly through my contact page.I look forward to connecting with you!

“You can still talk with your Loved Ones in Spirit, you just have to change the way you listen” ~ Whitney