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Whitney McNeill International Certified Psychic Medium Sedona

“You can still talk with your Loved Ones in Spirit, you just have to change the way you listen” ~ Whitney

Messenger of Spirit, Whitney McNeill

Sedona Psychic Medium

Certified Psychic Medium / Reiki Master-Teacher / Past Life Reflection Program Founder / Metaphysical Teacher / Spiritual Mentor in Sedona, AZ.


Psychic Medium Readings

(In person Sedona Psychic Medium Readings / Phone / Skype World Wide)

Past Life Regressions

(In person Sedona Past Life Regressions & Phone)

Reiki Sessions

(In person Sedona Reiki Sessions & Distant Reiki World Wide)

Spiritual Mentorship Sessions

(In person Sedona Spiritual Mentorship / Phone / Skype)

Intuitive Development Coaching Sessions

(In person Sedona Intuitive Development Coaching / Phone / Skype)

Energetic Imprint, Life Theme & Lessons Reading

(In person Sedona Reading / Phone / Skype)

Intuitive Development, Mediumship Development, Reiki Classes

By connecting to the Energy around you, I can deliver messages about the past, present and future. I also have the ability to connect the living to Loved Ones in Spirit. Spirit is always connected to you, I just help you hear the messages they are giving you…I’m really just the Messenger.

Currently, I am offering phone, Skype, and in-person (Sedona) Intuitive / Psychic Medium readings; distant & in-person (Sedona) Reiki / Chakra balancing sessions; phone & in person Sedona Past Life Reflection Sessions; Personal Consultations, and Spiritual Mentorship Sessions. In-person sessions allow for me to connect with you in Sedona, and phone and Skype allow me to connect with you regardless of your location. I have many out of state and out of country clients.

In-person sessions and classes are held in Sedona, Arizona including Mediumship Training, Intuitive Development classes, and Reiki classes.

Please fill out a contact form to schedule or for more information about readings and appointments. I look forward to connecting with you.