Unlock, Understand & Trust Your Intuitive Messages


And finally take aligned action towards

your life purpose to manifest abundance

with the help of your Spirit Guides.

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Two Ways To Start Honing Your Intuition, Mediumship, and Spiritual Abilities:

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Imagine if you manifested abundance easily, stopped second-guessing yourself, and just got on with living your life’s purpose?


Let’s make that your reality.

Hi! I’m Whitney,

Certified Medium and Spiritual Teacher.


I teach you how to understand and trust

the Intuitive messages you receive from

your Spirit Guides and Higher Self…


…to align with your life path and purpose.


It’s time to remove blocks, gain clarity,

stop second-guessing yourself, and

clearly understand your Intuitive gifts

to manifest amazingly aligned opportunities

for your career, relationships, and abundance.

Ways To Work and Learn With Me:

Get in touch with your Spirit Guides, Intuition, and your Spiritual gifts.

Monthly channeled Spirit messages, meditations, and affirmations

Understand your Intuitive gifts, life purpose, and manifest abundance!

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What students & clients are saying:

One of the biggest wins I’ve experienced because of Whitney’s program is being able to identify and work through the fear of my Intuitive abilities.

Now, I feel connected to my Spirit Guides and learned to recognize the many ways they communicate with me. I feel major improvements in my energy/physical activity, taking quick action when needed and processing/recovering from setbacks & challenges way faster than I use to. 

I just feel so hopeful, inspired, motivated and fearless right now. I KNOW that no matter what comes my way Spirit Guides have my back and will help and guide me!!!


School Counselor and New Business Owner

“I started my own company – combining intuitive readings, hypnosis and hypnobirthing instruction. Its been great! I do an average of 2-4 readings a week and have my first hypnobirthing couple client as of last month. I am officially out of the medium closet! I am still learning lots and am so very grateful for your support and instruction. Thank you, thank you, thank you! “

Karen Hornfeck

Owner, Wise Elephant Wellness

With Whitney’s program, I can communicate consistently with Spirit and learned how to manifest successfully on a consistent basis.”


Owner, Owner, Elite Research Management, LLC, Clinical Research Consulting


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“You can still talk with your Loved Ones in Spirit, you just have to change the way you listen” ~ Whitney