Hi! I'm Whitney

Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Medium

I teach spiritually ambitious sensitive souls how to connect to and take action from their Intuition to live their life purpose while stepping into the most abundant version of themselves.

Whether it’s starting your own spiritual business or advancing in your corporate career, making Intuitively aligned decisions with your Spiritual Team is key and 100% doable.

Before I work with students, they come to me with problems like:

“I can’t trust my Intuition.”

“I have self-doubt.”

“I second-guess myself.”

“I don’t know what my life purpose is.”

“I’m scared to invest in myself.”

“I don’t know who my Spirit Guides are.”

And I totally get it because I’ve been there, too.

I haven’t always been on my path.

In my 20’s I was in my bed with the covers pulled up around my head because I couldn’t understand what I just saw. I swear there was a woman sitting on the edge of my bed.

All I could do was scream to the top of my lungs, “You’re dead! Go to the light!”

After that moment, I shut down all spiritual sensitivity and spent the next few years miserable, living paycheck to paycheck, and with poor health.

It wasn’t until after a spiritual healing, did I start opening my abilities back up again.

In a 4 day turn around I went from someone who was getting ready to apply for disability because she couldn’t walk from her bedroom to her bathroom without resting…

…to someone who went on a hike in the hot desert.

My life changed from that point on.

I followed my Intuition with every decision and I got in touch with my Spiritual Team.

Quitting my job and starting my own spiritual business to live my life purpose was a big step.

In that moment I never dreamed I would be able to move my family to the place of my dreams (Sedona, Arizona), grow my business to 6 figures, and share the stage with Amy Porterfield.

But it all happened.

Dreams are possible.

You can take “risks,” but they aren’t really risks when you are trusting your Intuition.

Let’s get started by discovering the primary way you receive your Intuitive messages:

Here are my credentials in case you wanna know:

Whitney is a Certified Medium, Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Writer. Whitney is the owner of  her 6 figure business, Messenger of Spirit, LLC and the creator of her widely popular program, Intuition Abundance Academy.

Through her signature framework, 4 Intuitive Languages™ she helps her students understand how to receive their Intuitive guidance so they can make aligned decisions towards their life purpose.

She serves her community of over 30,000 spiritually ambitious individuals through her online program and weekly spiritual videos.

Whitney has been a guest speaker for Amy Porterfield, Lily Dale, and at the Illuminate Film Festival for Suzanne Giesemann’s film, Messages of Hope, which was sold out.

Her writing has been published in OM Times Magazine and she is a regular contributor for Screw the Nine To Five.

Whitney is co-founder of THE PATH, a Spiritualist church in Greensboro, NC where she served as President for 2 years, and past Vice-President of the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association.

She was host of the weekly Tuesday evening LIVE radio show “Spirit Talk,” on A1R Psychic Radio, where she gave live readings to callers world-wide.

Whitney resides in Sedona, Arizona with her husband and senior Dachshund, Ranger.

Want Whitney to speak on your stage?

Speaking at Illuminate Film Festival for movie, Messages of Hope, by Suzanne Giesemann