Sedona Psychic Medium, Whitney McNeill, Messenger of Spirit

Certified Medium, Reiki Master-Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Past Life Reflections Founder, Metaphysical Teacher, Speaker, and Writer.

About Me...

I am a Certified Medium and offer Spiritual Mentorship sessions, Medium Readings, and Intuition coaching. I love to help others develop their own Intuition & Mediumship abilities and to connect in to their higher purpose.

Connecting You with Your Intuition

I have a passion for helping others connect to their own Intuitive & Mediumship abilities.

Speaking at Illuminate Film Festival for movie, Messages of Hope, by Suzanne Giesemann

“You might be asking, “So what’s this lady all about?” I deliver messages from Spirit to the living..and not in the “creepy weird movie psychic” sort of way.. I don’t wear strange looking clothing (most of the time, unless you’ve talked with my mother), or have a crystal ball. I have a pretty normal life.. I’ve just committed myself to serving Spirit, by delivering messages to others. I have a language with Spirit so that I can give the messages.. I’m just the messenger! I guess you can call me a mailman for Spirit, but instead of delivering envelopes to you, your message might come in the form of symbols, feelings, or hearing words. Connecting to those who’ve passed into Spirit can be extremely healing.”


In case you want to know.


Whitney refers to herself as a Messenger of Spirit, seeking to inspire, educate, and connect others with the Spirit realm. She is a Certified Medium, Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Metaphysical Teacher, Past Life Reflections Founder, Mentor, Speaker, and Writer. Whitney is the owner of Messenger of Spirit, LLC.

Being a Certified Medium means she went through a rigorous training process for 2 years. This includes being tested in oral & written exams, as well as being reviewed & tested for accuracy in private readings and in the public message forum. Whitney has years of experience in Mediumship.

Her passion is to teach, mentor, and connect students to their own inherent Intuitive & Mediumship abilities, and also, connecting clients to their Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in the Spirit realm. She teaches Intuition development and holds Mediumship training regularly in her office in Sedona, Arizona. She is the creator of the 4 Intuitive Languages Course, where students world-wide can connect with Whitney and increase their Intuition. 

Some of her previous workshops include “Professional Mediumship Training,” in Sedona, Arizona; “Create Your Reality,” in LilyDale, NY with Bob Bens; and “We are ALL Mediums,” at the Illuminate Film Festival for Suzanne Giesemann’s film, Messages of Hope, which was sold out.

Whitney enjoys speaking at various venues, by spreading Spirit’s knowledge and teaching others. Her writing has been published in OM Times Magazine. Whitney had the honor of being a Guest Medium in Lilydale and Cassadaga, NY and travels while facilitating retreats and Spiritual development groups. She leads retreats, classes, and workshops throughout the United States.

Whitney is co-founder of THE PATH, a Spiritualist church in Greensboro, NC where she served as President for 2 years, She organized and conducted church services, Healing Programs, Mediumship classes & was a member of the Mediumship Registration & Certification committees.

Teaching, retreats, healing, and channeling are her passions. Whitney regularly teaches classes on various metaphysical subjects such as : Mediumship, Intuitive Development, Past Lives, and Reiki Certification, to name a few.

She was host of the weekly Tuesday evening LIVE radio show “Spirit Talk,” on A1R Psychic Radio, where she gave live readings to callers world-wide. Whitney seeks to serve as an inspiration to others, assisting in creating an awareness of our Spiritual abilities, and serving humanity as a Messenger of Spirit.

Guest Medium in LilyDale, NY

Speaking at the Illuminate Film Festival

Mediumship Certification Classes

Spirit Talk Radio Show

Reiki Classes in Sedona, AZ

Whitney presenting a workshop with Bob Bens in Lily Dale, NY