Connect with your Spirit Guides and Intuition and finally learn to understand and trust your Intuitive messages. Take your gifts to the next level by learning Mediumship!

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From the Students…

“Whitney,I’m loving the class – sad its ending this week! I really have enjoyed this group of ladies and their different perspectives.  I feel I have taken in a lot of new info and am just still trying to process it all. Looking forward to continuing on this journey in the next class!”

Jules, N.C.

“Good morning Whitney,

I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for the 101 Intuitive class. With your instruction and guidance I know that I have a greater connection with spirit. That was my goal when I signed up for the class. There is more work to do but I am soo.. grateful for the  knowledge that was obtained.

On the way home last nite, I realized that was the end of 101 Intuitive class. I will always be grateful for you and wonderful ladies that participated in the class. And of course Spirit.

Blessing Always,  Ayana”