Intuitive Development / Mediumship / Metaphysical Classes

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In-person & Distance Intuitive Development Courses

Mediumship Courses

I teach Intuitive Development, Mediumship, and a variety of metaphysical and Spiritual classes. Classes and programs are offered in person, online, and through distance learning!

Everyone has an ability to connect with Spirit, but some just don’t know it! Therefore, I feel a strong mission to help you tap into your own psychic, intuitive, and mediumship abilities!

There are beginner Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level courses to choose from. I look forward to facilitating the connection between you, your Spirit Guides, and your Higher Self!

Please check the individual class page for dates and times. Feel free to submit a contact request with any questions you may have regarding classes.

Here’s a list of available courses:

Sedona, AZ

Kernersville, North Carolina

Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ

How do I register for a class?

Please see each individual class description. You will find this on each class description page.

Classes have an online portal to register.

For classes that have prerequisites, you will need to contact me through the contact form. Once I’ve confirmed your space, I will send you a paypal invoice to complete.

All classes are paid in advance via online, emailed invoice, or credit card (by phone).

Your attendance will be confirmed upon completion of payment.

Classes have registration dates & deadlines. Please see your specific class.


Just some of our previous classes: